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How Feng Shui can help Businesses?

December 18, 20222 min read

Create the space that can nurture you intellectually and cognitively, so by the end of the day you are not fatigued, exhausted, and drained.  When your workspace is purposefully arranged/planned based on Feng Shui principles, it will create supportive and invigorative environment for you and your team. Your business will enjoy the dual growth – Horizontal and Vertical 

Highlights of the Benefits: 

  1. Helps attract multiple opportunities of growth 

  2. Increased productivity, revenue, profitability and financial immunity  

  3. Builds trust, attracts recognition and improves social status 

  4. Connects with influential and supportive people 

  5. Helps you build strong team and network 

  6. Reduces the rate of rejections and disappointments 

  7. Protects you from competitors 

  8. Supports general well-being of you and your team, promotes motivation and harmony  

  9. Improves the standard and quality of your life 

  10. Minimizes unwanted events such as injuries, accidents, illness, legal suits, penalties and disputes 

Why career/business life is so important? 

  • Your career/business takes 35% of your prime life time 

  • Your financial and social well-being depends on your career/business 

  • Work environment has direct impact on your family, physical and emotional well-being 

  • Your career supports your and your dependant’s survival 

  • Successful career helps you celebrate life, makes life more accomplished 

Additionally, Career helps you expand your life, connect with people, contribute to the economy and humanity, pursue your hobbies and exploration, invest in higher education etc. 

Session includes:

  1. Create Feng Shui profile of the owner and executive team members

  2. Understand the company structure, with role of each member 

  3. Analyze business needs, space needs and current challenges 

  4. Feng Shui to day-today operation system and functioning of the company 

  5. Advice on interior layout from Feng Shui perspective – energy activation process

  6. Space Exterior and Interior analysis and Feng Shui guidelines to enhance the Chi Structure and flow with customized approach to ensure consistent clientele 

  7. Tapping the favorable directions of the key members – boost the lucky sectors 

  8. Application of Space and Time Dimension Feng Shui – encourages transformation 

  9. Application of Water Dragon, Heaven Gate and HeTu techniques to secure the market share and industry leadership 

  10. Customize Feng Shui application to attract Fame and Abundance 

Feng Shui for Branding

1. Create irresistible BRAND

2. Branding Feng Shui creates the synergy that makes you irresistibly attractive. 

Life map reading is extremely important of owner and key players to ensure that you are in right field with the right people.  

To learn more about Feng Shui for businesses, contact Deepak Jayakar

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Deepak Jayakar

Deepak’s expertise in Feng Shui, in addition to his experience as a Design and Construction Industry professional, has gained him international prestige. He is one of very few professionals in North America who successfully integrates practical design and architectural applications with the elevating effects of Feng Shui. Having risen in popularity, Deepak’s Feng Shui services have become an integral thread in the design tapestry of the Pacific Northwest’s real estate market.

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